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Originally Posted by Bob's World View Post
(Though WILF, I do have to call you out a little bit: I thought your position was that insurgency is war, but now you identify the difference as critical? Shed some light, brother. What factors are you seeing that are making you see this as trending across some line, and what that line is.)
Call away Brethren. Call away! What's the difference between an insurgency and a war? I merely suggest that in wars the primary purpose of operations is to defeat the enemy (defeat as in render the enemy unable to stop you doing what you want to do).
I believe that should be the object in what some call "COIN". How it is best done will depend on the specifics of the circumstance, but painting yourself into the "POP-centric COIN" corner is not necessarily progress, if the population is inclined to support which ever side is winning.
Infinity Journal "I don't care if this works in practice. I want to see it work in theory!"

- The job of the British Army out here is to kill or capture Communist Terrorists in Malaya.
- If we can double the ratio of kills per contact, we will soon put an end to the shooting in Malaya.
Sir Gerald Templer, foreword to the "Conduct of Anti-Terrorist Operations in Malaya," 1958 Edition
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