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Default Savage comments

Following the death of Lt.Col. Thorneloe, once a student of his Professor Richard Holmes (once a TA / Reserve Army brigadier) has written this savage IMHO attack on the UK lack of a strategy:

Incidnetally the more popular newspaper The Daily Mail on 7/7/09 had an editorial comment: Followed by Max Hastings article: - within are two pithy sentences
'Soldiers know the harsh statistic, that an infantryman faces a one-in-ten chance of suffering a life-changing injury during a tour in Helmand' and 'They perceive their courage exploited, their lives risked, merely so that Britain can 'show willing' to the Americans'

In evidence to a House of Commons Select Committee on Defence, Stephen Grey, a Sunday Times journalist, was scathing in his criticism - not of the troops:

Then we can read that UK aid has created a park for women at Lashka Gar:
To the utter bemusement of the local Afghanis, DFID has invested no less than 420,000 on a (-) leisure park for Women, complete, you will be pleased to know with a (-) Ferris wheel. Called Bolan Park, when it was completed just over a year ago, it had "puzzled residents" asking why so much money was being spent on leisure when the most pressing problem – security – was getting worse by the day. Said Amir Mohammad, 44, "If the international community wants our country to be prosperous, they should first worry about peace and security. Then we can have parks."
Then there's the good news:
As for the IEDs that have been killing "Our Boys" – many of them now home-made using agricultural fertiliser - the aid agencies thought about that as well. Very helpfully this season, they have supplied the (Taleban) Afghani farmers with a total of 4,749 metric tons, conveniently packaged in 25-kilogram bags.
Last two comments from:

Meantime the official line is
'The way forward is hard and dangerous. More lives will be lost and our resolve will be tested
.' From the Defence Minister's speech; in full:

The speech was delivered at Chatham House, London a think tank and unusually for such a gathering his speech recieved some hostile comments over the lack of helicopters in the Q&A.

Apologies for length, IMHO the issue of 'Why Afghanistan?' appears to be moving into the public domain and public support for the policy is simply evaporating. In late 2008 a poll IIRC found 80% opposed our presence.


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