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Originally Posted by skiguy View Post
Coupla questions to clarify. What do you do? Just go to that wish list link and purchase it normally, then everything's all automatic?

And about the amazon search: Do you just have to use the search feature here, then buy it as you regularly would, or does something else need to be done? (Does SWJ gets something for any purchase at Amazon by using this method)
Gets shipped direct to the Academy. Just make sure you check the wish list shipping address before you check out. And no, we do not get a referral fee as this list is not linked to our normal SWJ / SWC Amazon account. We tried to link it and planned on using the fee to buy even more books but using that method would not allow us and potential buyers to track which books were already purchased.

Any other purchases through our normal Amazon account - or a donation of course would be most appreciated. Lots or work goes on here at no cost to the members and site visitors...
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