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Default COIN Reader II

Military Review Special Edition, August 2008: Counterinsurgency Reader II

Although most of these articles have been previously posted individually, in their respective focused topic areas on the board, this collection is being posted in the specific context as noted below:
In October 2006, the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center published a volume of selected articles in conjunction with the release and distribution of the Army/Marine Corps Field Manual 3-24, Counterinsurgency. Subsequently, numerous articles have been written exploring other dimensions of counterinsurgency not treated, or not well understood, when the first volume was published. These articles reflect both the vastly expanded range of knowledge and experience that U.S. land forces have obtained as well as the painful cost of such lessons with regard to fighting and defeating insurgencies in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, and elsewhere. Many outline the first-hand lessons learned in the current operational environment. As the Intellectual Center of the Army, the Combined Arms Center recognizes the importance of sharing these first-hand documents. The Counterinsurgency Center (COIN Center) and editors of Military Review have designed this second collection to complement the recently released FM 3-0, Operations and the soon to be released Counterinsurgency Handbook (produced by the COIN Center); FM 3-24.2, Counterinsurgency Tactics; FM 3-07, Stability Operations; and FM 3-28, Civil Support. While doctrinal field manuals lay out principles and supporting theory for dealing with the asymmetric aspects of warfare inherent in insurgency conflicts, these articles are intended to provide specific lessons and observations drawn from operations in the field.
Combined Arms Center Special Edition—Counterinsurgency Reader II

America’s Frontier Wars: Lessons for Asymmetric Conflicts
Congressman Ike Skelton

Developing a National Counterinsurgency Capability for the War on Terror
John Hillen, Ph.D.

Phase IV Operations: Where Wars are Really Won
Lieutenant Colonel Conrad C. Crane, U.S. Army, Retired, Ph.D

Linking Doctrine to Action: A New COIN Center-of-Gravity Analysis
Colonel Peter R. Mansoor, U.S. Army, and Major Mark S. Ulrich, U.S. Army

Using Occam’s Razor to Connect the Dots: The Ba’ath Party and the Insurgency in Tal Afar
Captain Travis Patriquin, U.S. Army

Anatomy of a Successful COIN Operation: OEF-Philippines and the Indirect Approach
Colonel Gregory Wilson, U.S. Army

A Model Counterinsurgency: Uribe’s Colombia (2002–2006) versus FARC
Thomas A. Marks, Ph.D

Anbar Awakens: The Tipping Point
Major Niel Smith, U.S. Army, and Colonel Sean MacFarland, U.S. Army

Addendum: Anbar Awakens
Colonel Sean MacFarland, U.S. Army

Commander’s Assessment: South Baghdad
Lieutenant Colonel Ross A. Brown, U.S. Army

Fighting “The Other War”: Counterinsurgency Strategy in Afghanistan, 2003–2005
Lieutenant General David W. Barno, U.S. Army, Retired

Combating a Modern Insurgency: Combined Task Force Devil in Afghanistan
Colonel (P) Patrick Donahue, U.S. Army, and Lieutenant Colonel Michael Fenzel, U.S. Army

HUMINT-Centric Operations: Developing Actionable Intelligence in the Urban Counterinsurgency Environment
Colonel Ralph O. Baker, U.S. Army

Human Terrain Mapping: A Critical First Step to Winning the COIN Fight
Lieutenant Colonel Jack Marr, U.S. Army; Major John Cushing, U.S. Army; Major Brandon Garner, U.S. Army; and Captain Richard Thompson, U.S. Army

Paper and COIN: Exploiting the Enemy’s Documents
Major Vernie Liebl, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

Everything Old is New Again: Task Force Phantom in the Iraq War
Lieutenant Colonel Robert P. Whalen Jr., U.S. Army

A Synchronized Approach to Population Control
Brigadier General Joseph Anderson, U.S. Army, and Colonel Gary Volesky, U.S. Army

The Art and Aggravation of Vetting in Post-Conflict Environments
Sean McFate

Iraq: The Social Context of IEDs
Montgomery McFate, J.D., Ph.D

Iraq: Tribal Engagement Lessons Learned
Lieutenant Colonel Michael Eisenstadt, U.S. Army Reserve

Money as a Force Multiplier in COIN
Lieutenant Colonel Leonard J. DeFrancisci, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

Stabilizing Influence: Micro-Financial Services Capability
James E. Shircliffe Jr.

From Enduring Strife to Enduring Peace in the Philippines
Major Gary J. Morea, U.S. Army

Protection of Arts and Antiquities during Wartime: Examining the Past and Preparing for the Future
Major James B. Cogbill, U.S. Army

Multi-National Force-Iraq Commander’s Counterinsurgency Guidance
General David H. Petraeus, U.S. Army
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