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Default Only the security sector is a winner

Omar Ashour weighs in with a commentary:
The new Constitutional Declaration, the Revolution Protection Law, and the new presidential decrees have several aims:
To remove the public prosecutor, a Mubarak-era holdover who failed to convict dozens of that regimeís officials who had been charged with corruption and/or abuse of power;
To protect the remaining elected and indirectly elected institutions (all of which have an Islamist majority) from dissolution by Constitutional Court judges (mostly Mubarak-era holdovers);
To bring about retrials of Mubarakís security generals;
To compensate and provide pensions for the victims of repression during and after the revolution.

While most Egyptians may support Morsiís aims, a dramatic expansion of presidential power in order to attain them was, for many, a step too far.
He concludes:
he security sector may, it seems, emerge from this crisis as the only winner. It will enforce the rule of law, but only for a price. That price will be reflected in the constitution, as well as in the unwritten rules of Egyptís new politics. This constitutes a much more serious and lasting threat to Egyptís democratization than do Morsiís temporary decrees.
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