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Originally Posted by John T. Fishel View Post
and my post on that thread regarding some of the recent historical sources of the "just don't get it" syndorme.

The AID policy referred to in my post on the other thread began to change during and after Operation Provide Comfort in N. Iraq after DS/DS. Then, under the leadership of the Deputy Director of AID's Office of Foerign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), Dayton Maxwell, OFDA collaborated with the Civil Affaris community to produce an FM (red cover) that would fit in a BDU pocket on how to conduct similar operations. As an aside, the Director of OFDA at the time was then Major Andrew Natsios, USAR, from the 352nd Civil affairs Command who was called up for the Kuwait Task Force. His boss in the KTF, COL Randy Elliott USAR was in his civilian job a Mid East Analyst in DOS' Bureau of Intelligence & Research. Natsios went on to head World Vision and later AID.


Natsios was George the First's special Advisor on Disaster Relief. He was instrumental in talking us into Somalia; I had him come over and brief the CSA and Staff as we went in for Restore Hope. He bailed of course when Clinton was elected and drew a mega salary from World Vision. Brian Attwood was USAID Administrator and Nan Borden was OFDA chief during Goma. I liked both--they listened and they were not hesistant to tell stupid peeple to shut up.

On the USAID Policy thingy I see it as an good framework; the real issue is like an SOP in any military unit it is worthless unless read and enforced.


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