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Oh, and because I've seemed to have gone off in a different direction from my original comments, an abstract on online medical curriculums:

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and the National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics (NCHPEG) have expressed the need for the education of physicians about the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) related to genetic testing and counseling. To help address this need, we have developed and assessed an Internet-based curriculum to educate medical students about topics related to the ELSI associated with genetic testing and counseling. We developed content and interactive features for five core modules and evaluated their effect on students' knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy and intended behavior. Statistically significant increases in knowledge and positive changes in attitude, self-efficacy and intended behavior were observed in all these studies. We believe that this web-based curriculum is a valuable supplement to typical medical school genetics coursework and an effective means of teaching students about ELSI associated with genetic testing and counseling. The modules are available online for review by the general public for free and for use by medical student groups at a nominal charge at

So, my basic point in linking the above is that lots of stuff is already available online and for free, so if anyone wants to adapt a cell phone medical curriculum or translate it to radio or whatever, the material is already out there. Tons and tons and tons of it.

No need to re-invent the wheel, yada yada yada.

Found other sites of interest, don't know a thing about any of it, but as examples:

The ACP Medicine Weekly Curriculum is a convenient email-based program that guides residents through an ongoing study of the key elements of internal medicine and patient care from ACP Medicine, an official publication of the American College of Physicians. The program is simple and economical. Each week, program directors and their residents receive an email alerting them that the new Weekly Curriculum has been published live online. The email contains a tip and goals relating to a chapter and questions published in ACP Medicine. The email also contains a link to the chapter. Residents review the chapter, click on the convenient ACP Medicine link in the email to access the ACP Medicine Web site (provided to you and all your residents as part of your Weekly Curriculum subscription). There they access the Weekly Curriculum tab at the top of the screen, and enter their user name and password. The residents take the weekly test online and receive immediate feedback on their scores, with detailed discussions of the topics and the answers, as well as access to the full text of the related chapters for additional review.

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