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Okay, one more for now and then I'll give it a rest for a bit:

This is the second in a series of three papers that examine the role of international military medical services in stability operations in unstable countries. The paper discusses security sector reform in general terms and highlights the interdependency of the armed forces, police, judiciary and penal systems in creating a ‘secure environment’. The paper then looks at components of a local military medical system for a counter-insurgency campaign operating on interior lines and the contribution and challenges faced by the international military medical community in supporting the development of this system. Finally the paper highlights the importance of planning the medical support of the international military personnel who will be supporting wider aspects of security sector reform. The paper is based on background research and my personal experience as Medical Director in the Headquarters of the NATO International Stability Assistance Force in Afghanistan in 2006.

So, what happens to the brick-and-mortar once we can't be there or funding dries up? That's why I'm interested in the stuff that's already available, so to speak.

There is a fair amount of educational "medical tourism" to neighboring countries and other countries, too.

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