Really you need an understanding of Africa. African leaders do not want outsiders starting to push for human rights or linking aid to good governance. They have a very nice little thing going.

The best thing for Africa is for the world to walk away and leave it to its own devices. This will never happen because of Africa's natural and mineral resources. China has become the biggest player and the US and the rest will be lucky to get the crumbs.

To accept the reality of the situation is the most sensible course of action.
Hello JMA

The aid against good governance dispute is not the one I am looking at. If most African leaders do not want to have to comply with good governance, on the otherhand, donors as European powers are tired to borrow money to them.
But the question of divorce (can we call it that way) between "european powers" and Africa is deeper. Africa leaders are too quick to claim West to abuse them.
And by the way, as far as I can see, Africa Leaders do not want to be in charge of the business. They were not that quick to provide troops and equipment for Darfur or DRC...