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Thread: Club-K : Cruise missile in a conex box

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    Default Club-K : Cruise missile in a conex box

    Defence experts are warning of a new danger of ballistic weapons proliferation after a Russian company started marketing a cruise missile that can be launched from a shipping container.

    Like something from a Bond movie : just add EMP warheads. Note how the evil enemy in the video has American equipment.
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    I spoke to a specialist on Russian missiles who said the system has been on the market for five years. The Syx missiels from the 60s was container launched so could have been fitted in a Connex container as well as Exocet, Harpoon et al.

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    I see more "marketing" here than anything else here. Club is not new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by William F. Owen View Post
    I see more "marketing" here than anything else here. Club is not new.
    Yep, not new, nor a ballistic missile. Cruise missiles & ASCMs have always been quite easy to hide, anyway.

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