I've been following latest news about the insurgency in Paraguay. It's called "Ejército del Pueblo Paraguayo" (Paraguayan People's Army).
Last week the group killed 3 civilians and 1 police man.

The government declared state of exception in some districts. In those, checkpoints have been set, and there are increasing intelligence operations. In a joint operation called Py'a Guapy, police and military are searching the place for guerrilla members. San Pedro district saw increasing military controls on the streets. Newspaper says people agrees with the operations.

In another episode, a country man was "detained" temporarily by three guerrilla members, and interrogated; looking for information about the military operation and why there were helicopters flying over the place. He was released shortly after.

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo seeks to grant "charte blanche" to the military. The new law would allow the military to use weapons of war in places where the state of exception wasn't declared. It intends to facilitate the military's job.

It's a very delicate situation the government is trying to handle very early, before it grows unmanageable. There is some worry in Argentina, fearing the guerrilla could take refuge in its northern provinces, where border security is loose.