Courtesy of Bruce Kesler of Democracy Project blog:

Iraq War Vets Sought For New Book

"Global Security Press is supporting the publication of a new book, "Outside The Wire: True Stories of American Soldiers in Iraq." This volume will contain letters, emails, blog excerpts, and other forms of communication from military personnel who have deployed as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Eligible contributors include active duty Army, National Guard and Reservists.

We are looking for heartwarming stories about American soldiers who did "good" things while in theater. Civil Affairs related missions are of particular interest. If you helped save children, build schools, feed the hungry, secure villages, turn on electricity, then we want to know about it.
Interested military personnel should send an email to Please include in an email or cover letter your full legal name, rank and grade, permanent mailing address, dates of service, location of service, the type of communications (emails, letters, blog excerpts) proposed for the collection, and the submissions, of no more than fifty pages. There are no restrictions on the form of the written material - poetry, personal letters, war diaries, or journals. Do not send classified material. Photographs are welcome."