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Thread: Courageous Restraint "Hold fire, earn a medal"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken White View Post
    It is yet another non-problem that appears to be significant but is not...
    I think you nailed it. Reminds me of people claiming that our small unit leaders "don't get COIN" or "need to learn COIN" when, in fact, it was the person making the assertion who just finally came around to understanding what COIN is. Assuming all others were as ignorant as the speaker was prior to this epiphany, he assumes that he is part of some small cadre of truth-bearers holding a secret revelation that others haven't been exposed to when, in fact, the exact opposite has been the case.

    That is a particular problem in this instance. Our senior leaders discuss the "new math" of killing 2 insurgents possibly leading to creation of 10 others. Thanks for the heads up Colonel, but my Squad Leaders were explaining that concept to their Soldiers in 2003. But I guess the only way that our younger leaders will "get it" in the minds of some staff officers is to substitute awards for leadership until we come to the realization that those young Soldiers are "getting it." And then, I suppose, lacking any causal evidence, we will assume that we changed the organizational culture by this formal recognition of restraint rather than relying on the tired old, tried and true concept of hands-on leadership and clear communication of commander's intent.

    Too bad lower enlisted Soldiers can't likewise influence the chain of command by creating awards. I'd like to see the creation of awards for strategic planning, accepting risk, and trusting subordinates.
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