"In 1949, Alexander Foote wrote a small book, “A Handbook for Spies” which contains all one needs to know to conduct espionage. Now comes another small volume, “Contra Cross”, by William Meara which contains much of what one needs to understand to counter or for that matter support an insurgency. Based on his experience in El Salvador and with the Contras in Honduras/Nicaragua during the 1980’s, Meara provides a crisp, thoughtful exposition of the problems and requirements for the winning of such conflicts. Meara’s thoughts and experiences are well worth pondering as our nation takes on its current adversaries."
Duane Clarridge – Thirty-three year veteran of the CIA's clandestine service, Chief of CIA Latin American Division 1981-84, conceiver and chief of CIA Counterterrorism Center 1986-88, author of " The Spy for All Seasons."

Hey, take a break from AFPAK, and take a walk down memory lane to the small wars of the 1980s!

"Contra Cross -- Insurgency and Tyranny in Central America, 1979-1989" is now available as a .pdf download, and as a Kindle book. Download it and take it on your next trip.

For more details see http://contracross.com or search for "Contra Cross" on Amazon.

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