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Thread: Roadside Bombs & IEDs (catch all)

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    Default Roadside Bombs & IEDs (catch all)

    3 Nov. LAT - Pentagon Sets Its Sights on Roadside Bombs. Excerpt follows:

    "With Iraqi insurgents building ever-more powerful homemade bombs, the Pentagon is finalizing plans to put a high-level general in charge of a new task force that will try to harness the expertise of the CIA, FBI, businesses and academics to combat the guerrillas' most lethal weapon."

    "The Pentagon has devoted two years to finding ways to combat the makeshift bombs, known as improvised explosive devices, or IEDs. Yet in the view of some senior generals, the IED problem remains a low priority in Washington. The field commanders are saying: This country can put a man on the moon. Why can't it solve this problem?' said one senior Defense official, who requested anonymity."
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