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Thread: Inspiration needed - SWJ town square scene

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infanteer View Post
    Good one - the image for "small wars" could be a soldier fighting in a ditch somewhere with the image of the nation behind him, watching TV or shopping at the mall.
    This reminds me a picture I saw few month ago. It was taken in a marines barraks in A-stan. You could se a guy preparing to go for patrol and a board. On the board it was written: the marines are at war while the nation is shopping at the mall...

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    Default SAS Secret War

    I think out of all those people I mentioned, MG (RET) Tony Jeapes is the only one still alive besides Dr Hosmer. He did write a excellent book SAS Secret War about his time in Oman, I was lucky enough to correspond with him via email a very generous and insightful man.



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