Okay, right now we have Tactical Iraqi:


We pretty much have Tactical Pashto up to beta now and French Horn of Africa just started. I just got this request from the company:

We need Pashto equivalents for certain military ranks. We've gone to the DLI's Pashto Survival Guide, and it does not list many enlisted grades, just sergeant and private. We also went to the CAOCL Web site, and didn't find anything that the DLI didn't have. I suspect the problem here, as in Iraq, is that Afghanistan's military is based on the British system.

Do any of you know of a military command that might have published standard equivalents for the following? Or someone who would render an opinion on the matter that SOCOM would respect? I'd like a definitive source here that we can quote, so it doesn't look like we're just making
this stuff up.

Army ranks:
Staff sergeant
Master sergeant

Marine ranks:
Lance corporal
Gunnery sergeant
Master sergeant

Anyone have some scoop on this? I plan on going over to CAOCL on Monday and see what they have.