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Thread: U.S. troops face Afghan enemy too young to kill

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    Highly redacted DOJ document on OMG's, this one deals with the Hells Angels.

    One aspect of OMG's that is often overlooked IMO opinion is that these guys are very comfortable with technology...they still no how to make stuff with their hands, something not found in many gangs.

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    Default It has been my observation that this is

    Quote Originally Posted by JMA View Post
    ...out here in the colonies we are probably cut from a different template.
    a very correct statement. That is neither an undeserved compliment nor a merited criticism, merely an acknowledgment of difference.
    I'm trying to figure out the reason why Afghanistan was allowed to develop into a narc state. So I look at Mexico and then LA (and others). The simple deduction is that if its OK so close to home then who cares about Afghanistan, right?
    That would indeed be simple deduction. Quite simple. Keep working at it, I'm sure some clarity will eventually appear...

    Uh, perhaps because the existing world system frowns upon excessive interference with other States and we generally adhere to that unless provoked? That would be my assessment, I'm sure yours differs. I'm equally sure that matters little.

    I'm unsure why you appear to believe it was the US' job to clean up Afghanistan or just how we're supposed to do that but I note that once again you're strong on implications and innuendo and quite short on workable solutions. What is your suggestion? Please provide one that is not in accordance with the odd JMA version of what once was and forever should be but one that comports to what actually is achievable in this era.

    The same thing applies to Mexico and even, slightly, to LA. We are a Federation and the Federal Government's powers to interfere in LA are limited. We also have a deliberately limited and unresponsive governmental process that the rest of the world, to include the odd Colonist, rarely understands or likes. That suits us just fine.
    Then again maybe not
    ... And the point remains obscure...

    (Moderator's Note: couple of posts moved to the Afg & drugs main thread as returning to this issue does not belong here).
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