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Thread: The Emergency Committee for Israel

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    Default The Emergency Committee for Israel

    Group to oppose President Obama's Mideast policy, Ben Smith. Politico, 12 July 2010.
    Leading conservatives will launch a new pro-Israel group this week with a scathing attack on Rep. Joe Sestak, the Democratic Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, the first shot in what they say will be a confrontational campaign against the Obama administrationís Mideast policy and the Democrats who support it.

    The Emergency Committee for Israelís Leadership unites two major strands of support for the Jewish state: The hawkish, neoconservative wing of the Republican Party, many of whom are Jewish, and conservative Evangelical Christians who have become increasingly outspoken in their support for Israel. The new groupís board includes Weekly Standard Editor William Kristol and Gary Bauer, the former Republican presidential candidate who leads the group American Values, as well as Rachel Abrams, a conservative writer and activist.

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    Outstanding!! Just what we need...more meddling in the Middle East...perhaps if all these people are such fan's of Israel (the #1 catalyst for instability in the region) then maybe they should up sticks and emigrate there?

    I don't particularly favour one side or another in the Middle East but do think that Israel's 'our way or the highway' approach to international relations lost all validity around 1982 when Israel proved conclusively it could (militarily) hold its own and then some against its neighbours...

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