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Thread: How Close is 'Close Combat'?

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    Bayonets.... Pretty sure the training courses are closed. Cant even replace broken m9's.. The Army seems to look to the Rear Naked Choke of MAC IOT instill the drive to close with and destroy the enemy. Hope one mind any weapon sentiment migrates over. I had a bayonet in 03 they were locked up within 4 months. We didnt even take them in 07. Bayonets are not the firstest with the mostest to be certain.

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    Just about every photograph I've seen dealing with WWI infantry shows them with fixed bayonets. The Marines fought dug in German infantry armed with MG's and backed by Artillery with M1903 bolt action rifles and bayonets at Belleau Wood. It took them almost 21 days to clear the he 5th Marine Regt. Commander stated that his men did the work with rifles and bayonets because they had damm few grenades. The German's gave the Marines the name "Devil Dogs."

    Has anyone done a study on the frequency of bayonet usage in WWI? I've read accounts that the Sengalese Native Infantry were feared by the Germans and that the Scots Regiments had a similar reputation for using cold steel often.

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