I see your points. I think the army is not changing from this techno path, becuase it is wanting to develop an army for the wars it knows how to fight or wants to fight. I.E. China, a resurgent Russia, and so on. Thus we are trying to apply the wrong cures to our current operations. However, technology is not bad, but the thechnology must fit the situation and the soilder, not fit a situation and be applyed incorrectly as we are now seeing.

As for your other points about standards of soilders. The problem is not the recruits, but the leadership. I'm tired of hearing the pharse of the officer corp polices its own. The fact is we aren't. To many people with the incorrect abilities are taking command and putting us in a pickle. If we got serious about leadership and setting the standard by putting competent leaders infront of our troops, I belive we could mold any young soilder that comes through the door. Instead, the brass has its head in the sand setting no operational and strategic guidence and it leads to a disunity of command. We need to get on the same page, set the standard, and live by that standard.