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Thread: Drugs & US Law Enforcement (2006-2017)

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    I don't follow events in Colombia closely, although the UK has some interest there.

    So I found these two commentaries of use. First from The Soufan Group, which ends with:
    The outcome of the October 2 referendum demonstrates the challenge inherent to resolving a conflict with a myriad of domestic and international dimensions. Nonetheless, the peace process in Colombia remains a hopeful example that a solution is attainable in the long-run; the incentives for peace are in place, even if the public remains wary or unsatisfied with the current deal. The grievances wrought by civil conflict endure beyond the issuance of a ceasefire or even the laying down of arms; the scars of war will remain in Colombia for years to come, as will the international security implications stemming from over five decades of civil war.

    An earlier post refers to a book by Kilcullen, Mills and others so from RUSI provide a detailed explanation:
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