We have had a bear of a time getting iTune type applications on Marine Net...hardware issues that we are working on. In the meantime Alelo has put an application on the iTunes store for iPod & iPhone. The software is already paid for and it is for all services.

If you have a iTouch or iPhone could you go to the apps store and type 'Alelo' there are two apps there; one is a preview...don't bother with that. The other one is Operational Language and Culture. This is the one that we need stress tested. Once you download the app and click on it you will go to Alelo's government support site. From here if you already have an account go ahead and download, if you don't have an account request one please.

Download the Pashto software and check it out.

Until we get this working on Marine Net/AKO/NKO/DKO/JKO.......going via this method is our only option.

This is not a commercial product and Alelo will not be spamming you with alot of BS. I manage this contract for PM Trasys.