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Thread: Evolution of TTP

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    Default Evolution of TTP

    Can anyone here on the council recommend a good mix of academic and practitioner sources on the origins, ethnographies, key leader bios and evolution of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan? I'm trying to get my arms fully around the problem set. I've got about 2 months to get smart before sounding like a window-licker would be considered 'not career enhancing'.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default A few pointers

    Without looking at them I'd try: Owen Bennett-Jones in 'Pakistan; eye of the storm' (3rd edition); the reports by the Intl. Crisis Group, IISS Strategic Comments, Londonistani comments on Abu M, the PSRU @ Bradford University and the Legatum Inst. report on Pakistan.

    I shall assume you have Ahmed Rashid's books already.

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    Default Thanks!

    Read Rashid years ago, but was hyper-focused on certain minutae within 'Taliban'. I'll revisit them. Thank you for the excellent recommendations.

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