I give this one 8 out of 10. Interesting read about this troubled aircraft. Found it interesting that initially the U.S. Army was also interested in the plane, but backed out in favor of the LHX. This book goes into detail about the politics involved to keep the V-22 program alive when most others were killed. I was not suprised that then Sec Def Cheney tried to kill it, but was suprised that he also tried to kill the Apache and F-15 (1989-90's).

According to the author the Corps did not buy Black Hawks because the Corps required a helicopter that could carry two squads and the BH could only carry 11 men. Also, the USMC did not have enough assault ships to accomodate the number of BHs it would require to transport a landing force.

I really don't know what to think about the V-22. Incredible technology and offers capabilities that any military would want, but it still seems to have a lot of problems. I've read that the engines tear up the decks of the assault ships, parts are wearing out much faster then advertised, and the plane has had problems navigating in the mountains of Afghanistan. But, the CH-46 needs to be replaced - why not the CH-47 - too big?

The Marine Corps plans on buying the CH-53K in the future - seems to be a smart move.

The MV-22 much like the JSF might be to big to fail at this point.