I'm a current AROTC cadet at my current college, which I just transferred to and I'm aiming to be branch Army MI, or Psyops, and I'm undecided on the third choice.

Also academically I have to pick up meeting my language requirements again which I somewhat met at my old school and I was mainly thinking Arabic since it still is a really in demand tongue. However, MI is like the 2nd most in demand branch in my battalion and with the demand for language & cultural skills many of the cadets hoping to branch this have took or are taking Arabic, and this trend from what I understand has occurred in ROTC detachments across the country and across the various service's. Therefore, I was thinking of taking something else to more distinguish me in this area like Russian which I personally think will become more critical in coming years, or Chinese which my Dad say's I should take if I really want to add to my profile.

I know Pashto, Urdu, Farsi, are all very critical at the moment also but they aren't offered at my current institution sadly, although there has been alot of talk of adding some courses in these languages.

So any opinions?