Hi all,

A brief review of my posting history will reveal that I like comics and as a librarian, I'm a big believer in their power to educate as well as reach out to readers and patrons who may learn best from a combination of text and image (and good art work!).

I'm especially fond of the old pulp comics. I don't need to tell you the boom they went under during WWII and that many of the characters that are a staple of our culture, like Wonder Woman, Captain America and Nick Fury, made their debut smashing the Nazis.

That is why I was intrigued to see that there was a new release of Pulp History comics. The first is on Smedley Butler, who implicated several prominent businessmen in an alleged plot to overthrow FDR (nothing proven).

And the second is on Winston Churchill's net of secret agents, saboteurs and spies sent into the teeth of the Nazi war machine to wreak havoc behind the lines.

I'm afraid all the reviews aren't in yet, nor have I read them, so I've yet to form a complete opinion. I've seen some of the pages and read a few previews and they look to be very entertaining if nothing else. I hope that they teach a verifiable and credible version of history, or else a promising format will just continue to be unfairly slammed as 'not serious.'