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Thread: The Wikileaks collection

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    Suspect Bradley Manning faces 22 new charges

    The new charges accuse the soldier of using unauthorised software on government computers to download classified information and to make intelligence available to "the enemy".

    Under the US Uniform Code of Military Justice, the offence is punishable by death.

    But in a news release, the US Army said prosecutors would not seek the death penalty, although Pte Manning could face life in prison if tried and convicted.
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    Default link for the charge documents

    Here is a link to the actual documents, from Declan McCullagh's blog.
    Charge documents:
    Blog entry:

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    40 Search Warrants Executed as FBI Goes After 'Anonymous'

    Police agencies worldwide are turning up the heat on a loosely organized group of WikiLeaks activists. On Thursday U.K. police arrested five people, and U.S. authorities said they'd executed more than 40 search warrants in the U.S. in connection with last month's Web-based attacks against companies that had severed ties with WikiLeaks.
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