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Thread: Lost posts on Small Wars Council o/a Jan 8, 2011

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    Default Lost posts on Small Wars Council o/a Jan 8, 2011

    We migrated to a better server Friday-Saturday and managed to find some seams in our allegedly seamless migration service provider.

    NET: some posts users made on Jan 8 were "lost." More specifically, they posted to the old server and are still there, but we're now on the new server. This problem impacted the Journal, SWJ Blog, and Council.

    Current Status:

    • We have fixed the problem for the comments made to Journal and SWJ Blog posts. Two entries and five comments were resurrected.
    • If you're reading this entry, you're reading from our new server and you are past the problem. You can post with as much assurance as usual that it won't be lost (actually, more, because we moved to a better box to solve the hiccups we were having).
    • We are digging through the ashes to find out how many posts were effected on the Council and what we can feasibly do about them.

    If you have a specific lost post on which we should concentrate our Lazarus powers, please contact Username, forum, approximate time and any keywords will help us.

    I will update this thread when I know more.

    UPDATE: as of 2230, 9 Jan: (this is the final update) (?) (!!)
    - normal operations have returned today, 9 Jan
    - see here for rescued posts from 8 Jan
    - the rescue phase of the operation has been terminated
    - nanoseconds later, the recovery phase of the operation has been terminated
    - absent further red star clusters, we commit any unknown stray posts to the deep, until the Sea shall give up her dead. Full speed ahead.
    Last edited by SWCAdmin; 01-10-2011 at 03:46 AM. Reason: provide the final update

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    I made a post that provided a unified field theory of insurgency and conclusively resolved the Afghan problem. I was wondering where it went. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

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    Per my email I'm aware of two posts missing from the Ivory Coast thread and now understand that JMA's post with attachment is missing from the Suppressive Fire thread which is posted here.

    Regards, Stan
    If you want to blend in, take the bus

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    "The Blog ate my homework." Teachers everywhere brace yourself for this new and improved alibi!
    Robert C. Jones
    Intellectus Supra Scientia
    (Understanding is more important than Knowledge)

    "The modern COIN mindset is when one arrogantly goes to some foreign land and attempts to make those who live there a lesser version of one's self. The FID mindset is when one humbly goes to some foreign land and seeks first to understand, and then to help in some small way for those who live there to be the best version of their own self." Colonel Robert C. Jones, US Army Special Forces (Retired)

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    Default Best post of the year

    I'm quite sure I made the best post of the year yesterday, and simply thought the lack of response was due to everyone simply admiring my work of art, and agreed that to comment on it would soild perfection.

    Oh well, all dreams must end when we arise in the morning.

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    Ken White's entire history of warfare appears to have gone missing also

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