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    Dear Members of Small Wars Journal,

    First an introduction. I am the senior administrator of the World Affairs Board, one of the most popular geopolitical-defense discussion forums on the web.

    The World Affairs Board was (re)founded in August 2003 on In partnership with Rochen, our sponsors since September 2003, we moved to the domain:, and in exchange were provided licensing for the forum software and the sponsorship of Rochen Limited, premier performance hosting.

    We are seeking an experienced vBulletin administrator, preferably from among an external candidate of the Small Wars Journal, to head the International Defense & Geopolitics Category.

    Major Shek is the current interim defense administrator, and with major career changes upcoming, we need a person who is a qualified military/defense professional with an interest in international relations, geopolitics, and defense to replace him.

    The candidate would have brought oversight over the structure and organization of the category, the forum rules, review of moderator decisions, recruiting and retention, etc.

    I am seeking a candidate from the Small Wars Journal as it known across the web for its professionalism and quality. The roles of administrator and moderator are clearly delineated on WAB, and it would be a relatively small time investment compared to the efficiency of effort/division of labor. The administrator would be granted broad oversight over the category and head a team of four moderators.

    The four moderators of the Defense Command include S-2 (whom you know and love), xinhui (Andy, co-admin of, JAD_333 (former Director of DoD Directorate under SecDec Weinberger), and astralis, a DoD cultural attache.

    The staff of the Military Command include: Officer of Engineers, LTC Combat Engineer Princess Patricia Light Infantry, Canadian Army, zraver, a retired Spec-4 tanker mechanic, bigross86, a reservist with the Israeli Defense Force who has completely his active-duty commitment in the past year, and gf0012-aust, an expert underwater seas armaments technician living in Australia.

    If you are interested in this position, please apply with me via email at. I will need a brief summary of your credentials and there would be a period in which you are integrated into the WAB community and your team. (remove dashes).

    Regards, and thank you, Ironduke

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    "The academics at SWJ only show their fcukin' faces when they've a book to sell, i.e. Steve Metz and, even there are disdainful of general engagement."

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