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CalmSeas (I would hate to see rough seas if this is calm), I understand your frustration with the corruption in the Philippines (and other developing and non-developing nations), but when I think of revolutions I think of Castro, Mao, and Lenin who led revolutions to throw the bastards out, only to be replaced with much worse systems. The book answer is to ensure that the government enforces its anti-corruption laws, but of course we know that is a joke, the enforcer will not throw him/herself in prison.

Transforming the government has always been the most challenging, and often unattainable, goal for COIN or peace enforcement missions, especially in places in the Philippines, most of Latin America, and all of Africa, where corruption is embedded in the culture. We can develop tactically and technically competent security forces, but as we all know this isn't enough.

I'm sure there are a few discussion threads on this somewhere in SWJ, but without this government/cultural transformation any victory will only be transient in nature.
Then..what would be your recommendation for solving the morass here in the Philippines?

Remember...the Philippines has had their Independence since 1946 and WAS the most promising nation circa 1950s, but due to greediness, corruption and what is commonly referred to as "Ako muna (Me first, selfish, individualistic mentality)" they are almost in last place here in SE Asia.

Democracy is a sad joke here, with massive cheating at all levels of elections. The current "Illigetimate President" resorts to buying off the congress in order to kill impeachment raps and political salvagings (state sanctioned murders) have topped 800+ and some reports have them at over 1,000.

From a moral stance this place has turned into "Sodom and Gomorrah (sp.)."

You hit it on the head that there needs to be a "Cultural Transformation," since this is the main excuse given for many of the things that occur here (It is part of our culture).

Believe me, I have racked my brain trying to figure out another avenue of establishing some form of normalacy here but it is beyond hope at this time in history. If you have a better idea lets hear it.

Not all "Revolutions" are in aid of establishing a communist type regime. One could argue that our own "War of Independence" was a Revolution. The French had their own Revolution, etc. A Revolution of the entire system (ruling elite http://www.endpoliticaldynasty.com/) is what needs to occur. If it can be done within the constitution, then all is good, but we know that that is not going to happen. A "rough and questionable model" would be S. Africa, in which the controlling elite is made to answer for all of their past sins...but I do not see the masa (people) having the intestinal fortitude for such a feat.