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Thread: Threat or Opportunity: non-violent protest?

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    Default Threat or Opportunity: non-violent protest?

    An intriguing FP post, which opens with:
    As nonviolent revolutions have swept long-ruling regimes from power in Tunisia and Egypt and threaten the rulers of nearby Algeria, Bahrain, and Yemen, the world's attention has been drawn to the causes -- generations of repressive rule -- and tools -- social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter -- animating the wave of revolt....

    The answer, for democratic activists in an ever-growing list of countries, is to turn to CANVAS. Better than other democracy groups, CANVAS has built a durable blueprint for nonviolent revolution: what to do to grow from a vanload of people into a mass movement and then use those masses to topple a dictator. CANVAS has figured out how to turn a cynical, passive, and fearful public into activists.
    Curiously the group hails from Serbia.


    We have touched upon the state's responses in other threads, looked at the media, speculated on the motivation of the protesters, but not the methods used by them.

    I would expect some security analysts in the Middle East - at least - are studying a lot more.

    How will those who would seek power, maybe hiding their intentions and methods, respond to this model? In particular those who preach violence.

    I tried to locate CANVAS website and each visit hit a barrier. So I used the cached edition of:

    Meantime this link is to an Egyptian protest manual (with translation), although some steps on meeting the police I expect were revised:
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