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Thread: REVOLUTIONOLOGY observations by a sociologist in Libya

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    Default REVOLUTIONOLOGY observations by a sociologist in Libya

    “California is exactly like Libya”: A day trip to Ajdabiyah

    What I´m doing in Libya
    I’m a sociologist from the University of California, Berkeley doing field research on the uprisings of the 2011 Arab Spring. After traveling through eastern Libya between March 15 and March 21 (Benghazi, Tubruq, Benghazi again, and Al-Marj) and then leaving Libya for a few days, I returned to Benghazi again last night (March 25). This time, I’m keeping a blog of my observations, which are based on interviews (mostly with ordinary Libyans, and occasionally with officials from the interim revolutionary government) and ethnography.

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    Default What the?

    Sounds like a Human Terrain worker is at work! From Berkeley too, whatever next? Now who is funding this adventure sociology?

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