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Thread: National Guard budget comes out of what pot?

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    Question National Guard budget comes out of what pot?

    I’m trying to make some sense of the “Costs of war” report recently released by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown. I was wondering if anyone one the board is able and willing to help me understand what the individual states pay for and when and what the federal government pays for when in relations to the Guard. I would assume the answer is baroque, so feel free to simplify.

    Amongst other things, I am curious as to whether governor as commander-in-chief vs. POTUS as commander-in-chief means anything as far as who is paying for what.

    As always, much appreciated,
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    Short answer is that the state pays when activated by the state governor for state purposes, in accordance with Title 32 of the US Code, while the fed pays when activated by the POTUS for federal purposes, in accordance with Title 10 of the US Code.

    Of course, as you noted, there are many baroque procedures to confuse things, the biggest one that the fed will sometimes transfer $$ to the states for state active duty, because NG on state duty can do things (law enforcement activities) that they can't do once federalized.

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    Over 95% of day to day National Guard budgets are Federal. States only pay a small portion for facilities; and also pay for Guardsmen activated for a State-level emergency. All equipment, training fuel, ammunition, etc; all regular pay, is federal; obviously all mobilization costs are federal. Most of this is Title 32, not sure if MOB costs are Title 10 or not.
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