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Thread: Small Wars pre-1914: Canadian input

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    Default Small Wars pre-1914: Canadian input

    Thanks to an ex-BSAP correspondent and historian for drawing attention to the 1907 book 'Bush Warfare' by General William Heneker, a Canadian who served with the British Army, more accurately the West African Frontier Force (WAFF) and explained aptly:
    The first serious analysis of the characteristics of small wars since the 1896 publication of British Army Lieutenant Colonel Calwell's Small Wars, Heneker's own study became required reading and a resource for all commanders until new doctrinal publications appeared in the 1930s.
    Link to Wikipedia:

    Update 2018: the next two links may no longer work, but the 'Wayback Machine' has retained a copy of the book. Hurrah!

    The book re-appeared in 2007 courtesy of the Canadian Army and is 5.47Mb, and in January 2019 this new link worked:

    Note this link no longer works: A Canadian NCO's review of Heneker and his book:

    Of late SWC has concentrated on rather dusty places, cities and not areas where 'bush' is the dominant terrain type. The book is not just about West Africa, there are sections across Africa, e.g. Somaliland and further afield. ( On a partial reading - from my "armchair" - I can see the principles of 'Small Wars' are there and so over to others to enjoy or not.

    There is an old thread on Callwell's book 'Small Wars' and Post 7 states:
    The Marine Corps Small Wars Manual of 1940 owes much to this work.
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