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Thread: Seven Pillars of Small War Power

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    Default Seven Pillars of Small War Power

    For those who may be interested, in the current issue of Military Review, I diffidently offer a few thoughts on human dynamics. Any comments - and (polite) criticism are always welcome. - Thanks - Randy

    Seven Pillars of Small War Power
    Randy Borum, University of South Florida

    We may need to modify our traditional “center of gravity” analysis to accommodate multiple centers of gravity in an asymmetric diffusion of power. Insurgencies and movements of resistance are dynamic, living systems powered by social dynamics. Successful insurgent movements leverage their available sources of power to gain the sympathy of the broader population and to mobilize a small cadre of armed forces. For the insurgent, these dynamics—the power of rising expectations, the power of the people, the power of the underdog, the power of agility, the power of resistance, the power of security, and the power of belonging—become the pillars of small war power. For the counterinsurgent, each of these pillars presents both a potential hazard and an exploitable vulnerability.

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    Randy Borum. "Seven Pillars of Small War Power" Military Review XCI.4 (2011): 35-45.

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