Well, it's certainly so that the Daesh is 'producing' some 'tenacious, highly skilled in both conventional and unconventional warfare' fighters. But, it seems nobody said so to the fighters of the GNA in Libya.

What's the point? I think the situation should be put within its context - which is: developments in Libya of the last four months ('or so').

As should be known by now, Haftar's forces ('LNA') - supported by Emiratis, Egypt, and Jordan - are on something like advance. That is: depends on what part of Libya are we talking about, and against what kind of opponents too.

Let's start with the start.

It all began with above-reported establishment of the UN-supported GNA government in Tripoli - which is a de-facto Misuratan government. While this kicked Turkey and Qatar out of the overall game, it also offended Haftar - plus his Emirati, Egyptian, and Jordanian supporters - and then so much so, the LNA launched an all-out attack on the Ansar ash-Sharia in Benghazi area.

To keep a long story a short one, the LNA advance in Benghazi area literally destroyed Ansar ash-Sharia. And when I say 'destroyed', I really mean that: for all practical purposes, this group is out of the war. On 7 October, a LNA/AF air strike on one of their remaining positions near Benghazi has killed their last leader, Mukhtar Burezeiza (he took over from Zahawi, two years ago).

After that, Haftar - who's playing the game of relevancy with the UN, knowing there is going to be some sort of a cease-fire, sooner or later, and the power is going to be distributed rather by force than by diplomacy - turned on that 'Petroleum Security Force' (or whatever is the designation).

Namely, this militia - led by the 'Libyan Oil King', Ibrahim Jathran - switched sides to the GNA, back in September. This created a weird situation where the GNA controlled export terminals while Haftar controlled oilfields (except in Ubari area, where the oil terminal was controlled by the local Toubou militia). Obviously, that was bad for business ('spice must flow', after all), so Haftar launched a 'major military campaign': his forces advanced on Agedabia and arrested Jathran's brother - mayor of Agedabia - thus forcing his tribe to switch sides. Then Haftar signed a death warrant for Jathran, in turn forcing him to start supporting the Saraya militia (led by Sadeq Ghariyani)...

The last anybody heard about Jathran is that he got seriously wounded during one of many LNA/AF air strikes in Syrte area...

With this, Jathran's Petroleum Force was out of the war, and Haftar is ever since in control of most of Libya's oil.

Meanwhile, Haftar & Consorts (i.e. Emiratis, Egyptians and Jordanians), bribed Farej Again - GNA's defence minister - and Abdulrahman Swehli, to change to his side. They pocketed the money, but didn't like the idea. Instead, they defected - but not to Haftar: they established their own (third in total) government of Libya (and all three are still active), back in October:

Rump of GNC and Ghwell stage coup, declaring themselves back in power
In a dramatic turn of events, a handful of members of the former General National Council and the former Tripoli “prime minister” have staged an apparent coup in Tripoli, taking over the#the GNC’s old premises next to Tripoli’s Rixos Hotel and declaring themselves in power again.

This evening Ghwell issued a statement from the GNC’s old premises next to Tripoli’s Rixos Hotel, declaring a state of emergency and what he called it an “historical initiative to rescue Libya”.
The Rixos conference centre, which previously served as the GNC’s chamber, and the “Hospitality Palaces” across the road were taken over six months ago by the State Council headed by Abdulrahman Sewehli, but it pulled out a couple of days ago, citing security issues.

Today’s takeover followed a stand-off#in the area since early morning between gunmen supporting the former GNC and those linked to Sewehli. It ended with the latter withdrawing. Disgruntled over unpaid salaries, their commitment was already weakened. It is believed they had already threatened to quit and were in contact with Ghwell supporters – which was why the State Council decided to withdraw.
Not that this third government has any kind of power, or political or military relevance: even the UN told them to, essentially, f..k off... and Italians, who actually work with all sides at the same time (i.e. at least with the LNA and the GNA at the same time), are ignoring them too... but one can't but love it when people blame the NATO for all of this....

Anyway, while Haftar was cleaning up all the way between Benghazi and Agedabia, he (and the USA, and the British, and French, and Italians) has left the GNA - i.e. Misuratans - bleed themselves to death against the Daesh in Syrte.

Namely, he and his LNA - the famed 'fighters against jihadists and Islamist terrorism' (while at least one third of the LNA consists of Libyan Salafists) - did not assault Syrte: they've left Misuratans do so, with US help of course.

And Misuratans, as naive as they are, did it with such gusto - and so much support from the USN (and USMC's Harriers and combat helicopters) - that they not only destroyed the Daesh, but also themselves. Namely, the Daesh has so heavily mined that city, that Misuratans are suffering terrible losses. Word has it they're losing 4 own combatants for every 1 Daesh they kill. Total of their KIA was well over 1,000 back in early October, and might have reached 2,000 by now. That's approximately seven times more losses than they suffered while assaulting Syrte back in 2011; certainly several times more than Haftar suffered in two years of fighting for Benghazi.

Keep in mind that Misurata is a city of about 500,000. Which in turn means: they cannot sustain such losses. In essence, after this battle - and no matter if 'right' or 'wrong' in general context - they'll be out of this war, too.

...while at the same time, the LNA is not only getting aircraft and helicopters from Egypt, or air support from the UAEAF, but now also has the money to hire Il-18 transports of the Molovan company Renan Air to haul cargo and troops from it, as seen at these photos found by Arnaud, yesterday.

With other words: I would say that the civil war in Libya is entering its closing phase. One in which the UN-supported government in Tripoli remains where it is, but its military forces (GNA) are out of condition to continue fighting. Which means that everything is going to be decided by military dictatorship of Haftar, supported by Emiratis, Egyptians, and Jordanians...

EDIT: forgot to add my usual, 'Congratulations Oblabla', fantastic foreign policy...