Recently, Dr. Michael C. Horowitz from the University of Pennsylvania and I discussed his latest research effort where he is examining how terror groups innovate in the conduct of their violent acts- both technically and operationally. He is also examining how different groups of people perceive the threat of terrorism. Dr. Horowitz’s past research on military innovation and his book The Diffusion of Military Power give him unique skill and perspective in tackling this intricate topic.

Dr. Horowitz has constructed a survey comparing the perspective of different groups of people as they assess how terror groups innovate. He has constructed an interesting methodology and asked me to share it with experts, like the ones here at SWJ. I just took the survey and think he is onto some interesting findings. If interested, please click the following link which will take you to the survey that's about 3 minutes in duration.

Thanks for your support of his research and I will post on the results when his article comes out.