I know some version of this RFI has surfaced in the past on the forum but as change is the only constant… Taking SWC’s coverage of recent publications related to JSOC as tacit permission to broach the subject, I wanted to make a broad request for information and opinions regarding the current situation regarding the CIA and JSOC. If you feel talking about such things in any way is an OPSEC no-no then by all means say so, but given how visible JSOC has become in the media lately I thought this might also serve as an opportunity to clarify what the Fourth Estate gets wrong.

The request is broad, and more or less amounts to this: given the amount of institutional overlap between the CIA’s Special Activities Division and CAG & DEVGRU, how are direct action missions currently apportioned?

Opinions of how things should be, how things came to be the way they are, etc. are also welcomed and knowing the nature of this forum sure to surface.