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The impact of this will be magnified as this has now been reported by the local police, with my emphasis: Wiltshire Police said that 21 people have now been treated as a result of the incident.
It is an act of state terrorism and an act of war. I would be impressed if the U.K. did the following:

  • Suspended diplomatic relations with Russia
  • Recalled all British diplomats from Russia and expelled Russian diplomats from the U.K.
  • Instituted a travel warning for British nationals travelling to Russia
  • Invoked Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty
  • Placed military forces on higher alert, including perhaps its SSBN force
  • Banned Russian nationals from entering the U.K.
  • Imposed financial/economic sanctions

But who am I kidding? The "Halifax Brigade" is in charge of the Conservative Party and Labour admires the "Axis of Revolution".