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Thread: XM-25 CDTE counter-defilade ISAAS

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    Default XM-25 CDTE counter-defilade ISAAS

    I am a reporter for a large London-based international newsweekly and would like to interview (in English or in French) by telephone someone who has knowledge either of the XM-25 CDTE counter-defilade weapon or of the tactical changes it could bring about if widely deployed. I am currently on Central European Time, but can phone out of normal office hours to facilitate connecting. If you would rather not speak to me but do have some information about the system, please do post a reply. Any source for the article could remain anonymous if he or she so wishes. Thanks and best, Benjamin

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    There's a project office for such things. In worst case, the project management a officer should be able to name the units so equipped and you could ask there.

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