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Thread: China's internal troubles (not the Far West)

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    Angry Wow riots in Bobai China against brutal 'one-child' blitz!

    Moderator's Note. In February 2013 three older, smaller threads on internal disorder were merged into this thread. A year later the Tienanmen Square attack and the Kunming train station attack thread were merged in.

    There is a separate thread in the Central Asia theme, for China's Far West provinces (inc. Tibet), with 131 posts and 79k views. It mainly covers the Uighur / ETIM violence and China's response

    "Many women have been forced to have abortions. Authorities are going into their homes and destroying their homes to implement the policy," said a woman in Bobai county.

    People here said, birth control bureaucrats showed up in a half-dozen towns with sledgehammers and threatened to knock holes in the homes of people who had failed to pay fines imposed for having more than one child. Other family planning officials, backed by hired toughs, pushed their way into businesses owned by parents of more than one child and confiscated everything from sacks of rice to color televisions, they said.

    Bobai was at the heart of riots that erupted late last week across Guangxi region and saw thousands of people take to the streets in anger against local authorities' efforts to enforce China's so-called "one-child policy".

    The CCP has devoted the nation’s resources to destroying China’s independant thinking,uproot all independent organisations. With better social security and pay ,who will have so many children?
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