This morning, I watched General Austin "case the colors" in a walled off enclave at the side of BIAP.

As I understand it, a few hundred soldiers will be packing the last bags this week, and then, the Iraq Mission is over.

Juan Cole ran a piece a few months ago answering the "How Will It End?" question as "with a whimper."

Based on the low level of press coverage and news accounts, the speculation is over as to whether he was right. No ticker tape parades, memorial ceremonies.

Austin, like many of us will just arrive somewhere else, and start a new mission.

The COINISTAs like Nagl are all now saying,"Oh, I always knew that wouldn't work."

Some wiser folks like Barry McCafferty are bringing up the important failures which he and others raised throughout: lack of resources, manpower, etc...

But my sense is even more strongly when I exited in 2009 that the US just won't want to hear about Iraq any more.

I had expected to be very happy when this day came, but instead am Somber, a bit uncomfortable, and a bit disappointed in the lack of pomp and ceremony for those whose placed much greater offerings on the alter...


Anything learned? Any follow-up?