At the risk of demonstrating that there really is such a thing as a dumb question… Is it possible to visit the town of Quantico if you don’t have sort of federal credentials, live on base at MCB Quantico, and/or have business to do there or at the FBI Academy? Last year I made a trip to the National Museum of the Marine Corps and initially took a wrong turn off 95 which took me to one of the base’s gates. The guard was helpful when I told him I was trying to get to the museum and told me just to drive through the gate and turn around. I’m going to be back in the DC Metro Area over the holidays again this year, would “I just want to check out the surplus stores in town” get me waved through at the gate without some sort of extensive search of my vehicle or would it just get me turned away?

I spent a summer in DC a few years ago and got used to the routine of showing an ID, giving my reason for visiting, and having my bag searched and/or checked and I’m assuming that driving through the base to the town just involves a version of that. I’d rather not fight the traffic on 95 in vain, though. Thanks in advance for any replies.