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Thread: U.S. Army to Cut 13 BCTs by 2014

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    Default U.S. Army to Cut 13 BCTs by 2014

    Here is the link to the Army Times story about the U.S. Army cutting an additional five BCTs, which would bring the planned total to 13. I doubt many at this site are surprised by this news, but which brigades will be cut? The fourth brigade from most divisions? Does anyone here have some knowledge or know the Army plan?

    Also, the Army is changing name of the HBCT to the Armored Brigade Combat Team - why? Is the structure/design of the brigade going to change?

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    It will be interesting to see how this shapes. I speculate that 10 DIVs will remain with approximately 3 x BDEs per DIV, maybe 2 BDEs for 10th and 2nd. I believe there are 6 seperate BDEs/REGs out there. Wondering which ones are going to have their colors cased. New focus on Pacific should keep PACOM at current levels.

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    I wonder if 4/25 airborne will survive the cut. They are the only RDF on the West coast not in SOCCOM, so I think they might.
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