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Thread: Doctrine Tactique in English

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    Default Doctrine Tactique in English

    I remember I posted translated Doctrine issues here before, but cannot find the thread. The French were finally so nice as to translate another issue.

    Date : septembre 2011


    The Foundations of Command: Trends and Invariants
    Doctrine Support fort Battlefield Digitization
    Principles of the Officer Training Continuum
    Operational Training of Company Commanders at CENTAC and CENZUB
    Combat-Seasoning in Training Centers a Requirement for Leaders’ Development
    In-Battalion Training of Tactical leaders


    The Commander in Operations
    Bringing Meaning to Action and Orders: the Tactical Leader in Operations
    Commanding a Combined Arms Company Team in Afghanistan
    Values: A Critical Assessment
    Food for Thought: Command in Operations


    The changing face of command in war
    Führen mit Auftrag - Mission Command


    Marshal FOCH and the Interallied Command
    Two Hundred Years of Command «À LA FRANÇAISE»


    The Importance of Army Aviation in Support of Urban Operations
    Legal Advice Supporting Command
    Hyperinfluence - A war of Perception and Will - The «Afghan Laboratory»

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    Default French Doctrine (in English and French)

    Here is an outline of the CDEF and its publications.

    Le Centre de Doctrine d'Emploi des Forces /
    The Forces Employment Doctrine Center (CDEF)

    14th june 2011

    Overview of the Forces Employment Doctrine Center (CDEF)
    [links to "The missions of the CDEF"]

    Organization chart
    [links to "Organization"]

    The divisions - The CDEF is organized in divisions :

    The Doctrine Division (DDo) ;
    The Research and Lessons Learned Division (DREX) ;
    The Modelling Simulation and Operational Research Division (DSRO) ;
    The Support and Documentation Division (DAD).
    The fundamental publications (in both French and English) are linked here, CDEF Doctrine publications: FT-01, "Winning the Battle, Building Peace"; FT-02, "General Tactics"; FT-05, "The tactical commander's guide to command and control in operations"; except for the most recent (to be translated), FT-04, "Les fondamentaux de la manœuvre interarmes" (LINK).

    FT-03 (cited in chart above) remains to be first revised in French.

    The five major periodicals (only the first and last in English translation) are:

    Doctrine Tactique in English (2003 to date)

    Since 2003, DOCTRINE TACTIQUE has been the general military review of the CDEF (Centre de doctrine d’emploi des forces - Forces Employment Doctrine Center). The quarterly DOCTRINE TACTIQUE magazine is primarily concerned with studies on the employment of forces. This magazine is produced in both French and US English versions. The purpose of the English version is to spread French Army doctrine and military thoughts among foreign militaries. It is distributed in France and in foreign countries in all of the organizations that are concerned with the employment of forces. DOCTRINE magazine deals with doctrine, that is to say, the way units operate when committed, for example the organization of their command posts or their procedures.
    Héraclès (2004 to date) (French only)

    A bimonthly liaison tool for the Army doctrinal community launched in early 2004, HÉRACLÈS disseminates information in the form of short articles and opens its pages to the thoughts of all of the Army on doctrinal matters – courses of action, organizations and procedures.

    Issued only in French, the HÉRACLÈS newsletter is designed to be a forum for the discussion and proactive exchange of information on doctrinal topics and ongoing studies in the area of doctrine. The major themes cover a variety of topics such as COAs (Courses of Action) in combat or peace support operations (PSOs), negotiations, or how to protect populations. Each issue is dealt with from the perspective of units that may be called upon to conduct these types of operations today. HÉRACLÈS is disseminated not only throughout the Army, but also to organizations and agencies for the study of strategic and security issues, industry and the press.
    Cahiers de la recherche doctrinale (2004 to date) (French only)

    The “Cahiers de la recherche doctrinale” are historical or thematic studies, aimed at helping the development of the Army’s doctrine and Lessons Learned without trying to replace them. Being the result of research works, their content generally presents individual opinions and analyses.
    Cahiers de la réflexion doctrinale (2005 to date; irregular issuance) (French only)

    The “Cahiers de la réflexion doctrinale” are aimed at informing the military thinking based on personal studies, testimonies or specific experiences. Anyone can contribute. The content of these “Cahiers” has no official value, and only commits the authors
    Objectif Doctrine (1999-2003) (English translations in and following No.22)

    E.g., All articles in No. 40, "La doctrine actuelle des forces terrestres (2/2)", are translated into English.
    Finally, two resources (not in English translation) are not online at CDEF (at least to me) - both from the DREX Division (linked above):

    The “Cahiers du RETEX” are the synthesis of the Lessons Learned by the French Army in the fields of doctrine, equipment and training, from operations and exercises conducted by the French land forces or by foreign armies,
    The “Cahiers 3A” are the analysis reports of the exercises, in order to enhance the identification of the lessons to be learned from CPXs. They are formalised and presented like the other publications of the DREX to make the lessons easier to read.


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