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Thread: Conflict, war and medicine (catch all).

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    Default Conflict, war and medicine (catch all).

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    I have merged a small number of threads into one, retitling it 'Conflict, war and medicene' (catch all).

    The old threads were: "The Medical Role In Army Stability Operations": COL Neel, Military Medicine
    and 'Military Medical Assets as Counterinsurgency Force Multipliers: A Call to Action'.(ends)

    I know there are few threads on medical matters, including RFIs, but there appears to be no thread on the developments made in recent wars on frontline medical care. IIRC posts exist about the changes in training combat troops on initial care, by JMA and others.

    This thread thought was prompted by watching a BBC 2 TV documentary 'Frontline Medicine':
    Michael Mosley travels from the frontline of war to the frontline of research to uncover the medical breakthroughs that are coming out of current conflicts.
    Part One (today):
    the medical advances driven by the conflict in Afghanistan
    and Part Two (next week):
    how medicine and technology can help to rebuild shattered lives.

    Yes, I know BBC TV is often not available beyond the UK, but I know some here can find a way!

    A summary of the first part:

    UK Defence Medical Services website:

    BBC summary on:
    Clinical trials are under way in the UK of new blood transfusion procedures for patients with traumatic injuries

    Note the hospital at Camp Bastion was shown to be a multi-national facility, with US, UK, Danish and New Zealand flags.
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