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    Default Korean War

    Hello all,
    Can anyone tell me how US Army infantry battalions were organized during the Korean War? I tried to google TOEs but ended up more confused than when I started. I just need to know how many rifle, weapons and/or support companies were assigned to each battalion and how many and what type of platoons in these companies.

    I've see regimental rosters which showed four lettered companies (eg: Alpha through Delta) assigned to a battalion, but I'm not sure if they're all rifle cos or if one is a weapons co. I've also read documents which state the US system had three rifle cos as opposed to the British four.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Korean War TO & E


    See from page 71:

    Companies would be lettered with the 1st Battalion having four companies: Three rifle companies: Able, Baker, Charlie with Dog as the Heavy Weapons Company.

    2nd Battalion: Easy, Fox, George with How as Weps.
    3rd Battalion: Item (J was not used as a company letter), King, Love with Mike as Weps.

    Here's the 1952 TO & E for an infantry battalion:

    Here's the 1950 TO & E for an infantry regiment:
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    These TOEs are laid out a lot better than the stuff I was looking at. Thanks a bunch.

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