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Thread: Setting up effective, local security forces

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    Default Reaching back to learn?

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    A new thread, which is fully explained in Post No.4.(ends)

    SWJ Blog on July 1st '09 had an odd title 'Call in the Cavalry' linking contemporary issues of recruiting and managing locally recruited irregulars to a book written in 1845, in the Imperial Indian period, for an irregular cavalry: The linked article: and had three sub-titles or themes - incentivize, live and let live and go native.

    From my armchair it seemed odd for a journalist to reach that far back for lessons learnt, especially trying to apply in Afghanistan. Secondly there are far better books (see and of course the books, articles etc cited in many threads.

    Looking through many of the FID threads the focus was on Iraq, so now the US is sending more troops etc to Afghanistan, it seemed appropriate to see if SWC needed to examine and debate the issues.

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