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Thread: America’s safer streets: why is elusive

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    Default America’s safer streets: why is elusive

    Hat tip to a "lurker" for this article in The Economist, the full title is:
    America’s safer streets. The great crime decline continues. No one is sure why

    The truth is that no one predicted America’s great crime decline, and no one has a definitive explanation for it. Particularly confounding has been an acceleration in the drop since 2008; many observers thought a poorer country would be a less law-abiding ageing society like the United States should expect to experience less violent crime. Immigration also matters, he says: studies have repeatedly shown that cities with large immigrant populations experience lower rates of violent states with a particular fondness for imprisoning citizens, such as California, the policy may have done more harm than good.
    Some of the comments are interesting.

    As Chicago had its own thread a while back:
    Most striking is an unexpected spike of gang-related violence in Chicago, where murders are up by 28% so far this year. Against a backdrop of a long-term decline in all crime in the city, as well as a 10% decline for the year, the sudden unrest has caused some alarm.
    The previous Chicago thread (2008-2012):
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